Managing Moderator Audio Conference Accounts

Audio conference accounts can be managed from several locations on the { Hub_Product }:

Depending on where it is accessed from, the list can appear slightly different from the image shown here:


The Audio Conference Account List

Currently, moderators can have three types of audio conference accounts: Automated Audio, GlobalMeet and Scheduled Automated Audio.

When you add a moderator account, it is created with a new Automated Audio or GlobalMeet audio conference account. See "Adding New Moderators" for more information.

When you copy an existing moderator account in order to create a new one, it is also created with a new Automated Audio Plus audio conference account. This is true even if the moderator you are copying has multiple accounts or has only a single GlobalMeet audio conference account. See "Copying Moderators" for more information.

The following management tasks relating to audio conference accounts tasks can be performed from this page:


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